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The Franklin Gang is a consortium of writers, producers and directors who live in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.  We produce web content, create viral ad campaigns, and make news packages and documentaries that go beyond the typical corporate media lunacy. 

R.J. Robinson is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles.  He has worked in the film advertising industry for over 15 years and founded the Franklin Gang as a way to channel that experience into something that, unlike corporate advertising, didn't crush his very soul.  He enjoys paintball tournaments, bar-b-ques, and AM radio.

Steve Zukerman is an editor and cinematographer from Los Angeles.  In addition to being a founding member of The Franklin Gang, he also is CEO of Soapbox EntertainmentHe enjoys fried chicken, hot summer nights, and is an avid amateur boxer.  He has been a jack-of-all trades in most Franklin Gang productions. 

Anna Klemmer Robinson is The Franklin Gang's graphic artist, copy editor, and bullsh*t detector.  She is originally from San Francisco, California.  Her interests include the Ashcan School, Czech beer, and literacy.  In addition to being a founding member of The Franklin Gang, she also finds time to be a high school English teacher.

Adam Coleite is a producer and editor who hails from Los Angeles, California.  He enjoys Dodger baseball, stand-up comedy and fully funded projects.  He joined The Franklin Gang in 2005 and was editor and producer of the award-winning documentary 'Bleeding Ohio'.
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