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Cheremoya Elementary Makeover Phase One

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Occupy L.A.
The Franklin Gang has been reporting on the Occupy L.A. movement from it's humble beginnings on a strip of grass outside city hall, to the shocking eviction of hundreds of campers two months later, and finally the evolution of the post-encampment era.  We offer an honest look at one of the most controversial movements in America, one that you will not find anywhere else on TV or the web.

Hollywood Tax Day Protest
Hundreds of angry Los Angeles citizens descend on Bank of America and Chase Bank on tax day in Hollywood to rally against corporate welfare.  The Franklin Gang waded into the crowd at the corner of Sunset and Vine to file this report for

The Farmers' Market Battle
The Hollywood Farmers' Market has been held at the corner of Selma and Ivar Avenues every Sunday morning since 1991.  That location may soon change, however, if the Los Angeles Film School gets it's way.  The school sits at the southern end of the weekly market and wants access to a parking garage that is blocked by the event each Sunday.  The Franklin Gang stopped by the market to pick up some fresh vegetables and to file this video report for

Franklin Village Street Fair
A record crowd turned out for
the 2011 Franklin Village Street Fair despite 90 degree temperatures.  Organizers estimate more than 1,500 people enjoyed food, local bands and a marathon of comedy from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  This was the 8th edition of the annual event that raises money for local Fire Station 82, Cheremoya Elementary and People Assisting the Homeless.  The Franklin Gang braved the sweltering heat to file this video report for
Documentary Films:

Bleeding Ohio
'Bleeding Ohio' is an award-winning documentary film about the 2004 Bush/Kerry presidential election in the all-important state of Ohio.  From the crush leading up to election day to the largely ignored recount, Bleeding Ohio examines how our electoral college system can turn a single unsuspecting state into Battleground Zero.

This Intrepid Reporter:
Will L.A. Save The Peak?
Sometimes a story happens right under your nose.  In this case, the story happened right over our heads.  It involves the famous Hollywood sign, the iconic symbol that dominates the landscape in the hills above our Franklin Gang home office. The city of L.A. owns the sign, but not the land, and now has to choose between private development or public parks before bulldozers start rolling in.  This Intrepid Reporter climbs the hills of Hollywood to investigate the struggle over some of the most desirable real estate in the world.

This Intrepid Reporter:
Michael Jackson Funeral
What happens when you take one dead pop star, add 3,000 L.A. police officers, and pour in nearly two million dollars of taxpayer money?  This Intrepid Reporter joined the crowd of Michael Jackson fans outside his funeral at the Staples Center to find out.

This Intrepid Reporter:
Manny Busted For Steroids

All is not well in Los Angeles when the steroid scandal hits Chavez Ravine.  This Intrepid Reporter goes deep into the heart of Dodger Nation to get the local fan's reaction on the day Manny Ramirez was suspended.

Trailers and Ads:

The Dunham House: Barack Obama's Ancestral Home
We produced this trailer for an upcoming documentary film about one man's struggle to restore an old farmhouse in rural Indiana.  The house was built in the late 1800's by ancestors of Barack Obama, and the restoration project has spawned vandalism and charges of racism in the small conservative community that surrounds it.

'Beyond The American Dream' is a documentary film currently in production.  It examines the life of Millard Fuller, a millionaire businessman who in 1965 gave away all his money, joined a commune, and started building houses for the poor.  The organization he started, called Habitat For Humanty, built homes for over one million people before he was fired in 2005 under a cloud of shocking allegations.

We produced two ads for our feature-length documentary 'Bleeding Ohio.'  After releasing our first trailer, one of the subjects of our film made national news which prompted us to produce a new trailer featuring the nefarious ParkRidge47.

Myth vs. Fact Ads
We produced four ads in support of the Public Option during the 2009 health care battle.  They spoof the "I'm a MAC/I'm a PC" ad campaign and try to dispel some of the myths about government-run health care.

Howard Dean Ads
These are the ads that started it all!  The Franklin Gang was formed in 2003 in support of presidential candidate Howard Dean.  We produced these ads for a national viral ad campaign we held called Project Deanlight.  Our contest resulted in the first-ever use of a viral ad by a presidential candidate.

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